• A-03 Spring Fir PE Realistic Christmas Tree


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Comes in 2 sizes/Pre-lit & Unlit

    6ft, 1229 tips, bottom width 42.5’,  Pre-lit with 350 LED lights. 

    7ft, 1898 tips, bottom width 48.5’’, Pre-lit with 600 LED lights.


    ² Fresh green real-feel PE Tips towards outside, classic green PVC towards inside, the mixed of two different shad of greens, makes this tree look so real.  

    ² Hinged construction for easy set up. Metal hinges, sturdy metal stand, strong construction and quality material gives this tree at lest 20-30 years of use.

    ² Energy-efficient, low watt Worry-Free™ LED lights, bright & clear. The life time of LED is at least 3 times longer than normal lights.

    ² 8 setting/patterns of the light switch with one button: 1.Combination  2.In wave  3.Sequential  4.SLO-GLO  5.Sparkling/Chasing  6.Fade in/out  7.twinkling  8.Steady Burn


    Simple and beautiful, delightful shades of green. Inspired by the beauty of Spring, fresh green sprouts make perfect layers towards the outside, blend with the classic evergreen foliage underneath to create fullness. This is the Christmas tree that you find in a home-style magazine. Who said winters have to be gray and cold? Do you remember the excitement of the first sign of spring? Bright and fresh, warm and sunny, every thing is growing, full of life and joy. You can enjoy it earlier with our Spring spirit Fir Christmas tree in this Christmas season. Pre-lit with a good amount of Energy-efficient LED. The realistic-looking Real-Feel™ PE needles on the outside and classic PVC needles towards the inside for a full body that closely mimics the fresh lushness of the outdoors. Explore the joy of Christmas with our Spring Spirit Christmas tree.