• A-07 Pre-lit Sparkling White Christmas tree with LED light


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    Comes in 4 sizes:

    5ft / 150cm, 820 tips, Width 34''. Pre-lit with 300T LED light. 

    6ft / 180cm, 1209 tips, Width 40'' Pre-lit with 400T LED light.

    7ft / 210cm, 1819 tips, Width 46'' Pre-lit with 500T LED light.

    8ft / 240cm, 2493 tips, Width 53'', Pre-lit with 700T LED light


    ² Energy-efficient, Upgraded Worry-Free™ LED light. The lifetime of LED is at least 3 times longer than normal light .

    ² Hinge construction for easy to set up, sturdy white metal stand is included, which can be folded up for storage.

    ² Updated cut edge leaves, snow white foliage fitted with glittered needles, sparkling charm. It's full profile is complemented by dense outer tips, perfect for hanging your favorite ornaments.

    ² Eco-friendly material, metal hinge. Strong structure and good quality finishing, this gorgeous tree is designed for at least 20-30 years of use.


    You are always on top of the fashion, home décor style, how about make your dreams of a white Christmas come to life with our Sparkling White Christmas Tree.  A full profile with soft white needles and a notch by adding a touch of dazzle with its glittered foliage. Beckoning with lush white foliage in a full profile, our white Christmas tree features high-quality PVC needles that provide excellent support for your favorite holiday ornaments. Dress it up with the latest trendy Christmas theme colors: blue, red, gold, silver, turquoise...will all look fantastic on this tree . This tree is hinge construction, for easy to set-up and storage after Christmas season. Made with Eco-friendly material, high quality metal hinges, energy-efficient Upgraded Worry-Free™ LED light. No more burnt out bulbs!! LED lights' lifetime is at least 3 times longer than normal lights. Good quality and strong structure gives this gorgeous tree at least 20-30 years of use. What do you think? Buy it now!