• A-13 Super Dual Flocked Pine Christmas Tree


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    5ft/153cm (Measures from top to bottom including the stand), 596 tips, bottom width 34.5’’ diameter.

    6ft/183cm (Measures from top to bottom including the stand), 956 tips, Bottom width 42.5'' diameter.

    7ft/213cm (Measures from top to bottom including the stand), 1356 tips, Bottom width 48.5'' diameter.


    v  Eco-friendly material. Highly realistic Real-Feel PE needle towards outside for the realism, classic PVC towards inside for the thickness, mix texture branch tips, supper full and lush. Lightly flocked with non-toxic artificial snow

    v  Pre-lit with Energy efficient Dual color LED lights, changing between warm white and multi-color, 8 different twinkling motion with one button. A foot petal switch for convenience not having to unplug the tree.

    v  Hinged construction for easy set up, strong metal hinges structure, this tree is designed to last. Sturdy Metal stand is included.

    v  Super full shape, sturdy branches and perfect layers decorated with pinecones and red berries, add your favorite ornaments or just leave the way it is, naturally beautiful.

    v  Unlit version allows you to decorate this gorgeous Christmas tree with your own choice string lights, that match with your special Christmas theme every year.



    This Super Dual Pine Christmas Tree is with everything we wanted a Christmas tree could be, lightly flocked, lifelike real feel PE Tips, super full and lush, decorated with natural pinecones and red berries, hinged easy setup construction, pre-lit with dual color safety low wattage LED lights. Cozy warm white or cheerful multi-color lights change easily with one button, top it up with 8 different twinkling modes, fast and slow, just in case your friends and families want to have a dance party around this gorges Christmas tree.