• Rocky Mountain Fir Artificial Christmas Tree


    This Tree comes in 5 Sizes, each size with Pre-lit and Unlit Options, please choose from the drop-down list


    Ø  5ft height, 756 tips. Bottom width 43’’ diameter. Pre-lit with 250 warm white LED lights.

    Ø  6ft height, 1020 tips Bottom width 51.2’’ diameter. Pre-lit with 400 warm white LED lights.

    Ø  7ft height, 1530 tips. Bottom width 57.5’’ diameter. Pre-lit with 600 warm white LED lights.

    Ø  8ft height,  2100 tips Bottom width 62.2’’ diameter. Pre-lit with 700 warm white LED lights.

    Ø  9ft height,  2669 tips. Bottom width 66.9’’ diameter. Pre-lit with 800 warm white LED lights.


    ·         The energy efficient UL certified LED lights remain cool to the touch, preventing the tree from overheating or catching fire.

    ·         Hinged branches for easy setup, the tree comes in sections, all branches are attached to the middle pole. Tree setup takes just minutes.

    ·         Attractive full profile. Realistic Rocky mountain fir PE tips towards outside for a realistic, natural look and touch, classic PVC tips towards inside for thickness, one full and lush shape tree.

    ·         Strong metal hinges structure for longevity, a fold-able sturdy metal stand is included, easy to setup and put away year after year.

    ·         Includes ON/OFF foot pedal for the convenience of not having to unplug the tree every time.

    ·         8 Mode twinkling function controller attached at the bottom section of the tree, easily switching the lighting motion with one button.


    An extraordinary tree to celebrate the best time of the year with your family and friends this Christmas season. Inspiration from the true nature rocky mountain fir Christmas trees, our artificial Rocky Mountain Fir captures the perfect shape presenting wide and full, it is one of the most popular Christmas Trees of all time. The life-like upward foliage layer after layers is natural yet so perfect. It features spacious gaps between branches, and filled with darker PVC tips from inside, an organic silhouette to give it a more natural, realistic look. The durable real touch PE tips are so dense, creating a perfect showcase for all kinds of ornaments. Choose from several different heights, pre-lit or unlit options to find the perfect one for your home.