• Solar Power Crystal Bubble Ball String Lights

    C$38.00 C$36.00

    v  Total length 30ft, with 60 sparkling acrylic crystal ball LED lights.  Every crystal ball is filled with tinny bubbles in the middle, makes it sparkling and fun to look at. Simple but beautiful, they are the best string light to add on for summer outdoor festivities.  

    v  High-quality ultra-large solar panel is 3 times larger in size than ordinary solar panel, and the absorb power of sunlight is 8 times stronger, it works great even when the sky are grey.

    v  The solar panel has a build in battery that fully charges over the course of 5 hours of sunlight and shines light for 8 hours after dusk. Easy to install, put them anywhere you like. It brings a lot of fun for the summer without adding any pressure on your hydro bill

    v  8 mode settings and it comes with a remove control, makes it easy to turn it on and off or change different flashing modes as you like. It also comes with a build in timer, 3 options for 3, 6 or 8 hours.

    v  IP65 high level Waterproof, weather resistant, it is designed for outdoor use. We use the best quality LED light bulbs that are bright and long-lasting, they stay cool to the touch.