• Snow Angel Blue Spruce Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

    C$189.00 C$169.00

    This tree comes in 4 sizes, please choose from the drop down list to find the perfect one for you:

    Ø                 5ft/150 cm, 450 tips, pre-lit with clear 250 LED lights.

    Ø                 6ft/180cm , 708 tips. Pre-lit with 350 clear LED lights.

    Ø                7ft/210 cm , 1006 tips. Pre-lit with 500 clear LED lights.

    Ø                8ft/240cm , 1455 tips. Pre-lit with 620 LED lights

    • Hinged structure for easy assembly, the tree comes in 3 sections, all branches are attached to the trunk with metal hinges, set up takes just minutes. (Please note shaping is required).  

    • Energy efficient, UL certified safety low voltage LED lights, save energy and they remain cool to the touch, preventing the tree from overheating.

    • Eco-friendly Material, Mix of Icy green PE tips towards outside for realism and classic PVC underneath for the fullness. Flocked with nontoxic artificial snow, creating a wonderful snowy Christmas spirit.
    • Includes ON/OFF foot pedal for the convenience of not having to unplug the tree every time. A foldable sturdy metal stand, easy to setup and put away year after year.

    The Canadian landscape wouldn’t be the same without the blue spruce, with it’s unique icy bluish green and bushy boughs, experts consider it as the backbone of many our northern forests, and they are growing coast to coast across Canada. Here we are on our mission to offer you and your family the most spectacular Christmas tree for this Christmas season, we proudly present our Snow Angel Blue Spruce Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree. This is a dense, pyramidal tree with layered branches, you can almost imagine how it slowly grows about a foot or so a year layer by layer amazingly, such a beauty!  Christmas is not perfect without snow, a gentle touch from the snow angel completes this masterpiece, just the right amount of snow flocked all over the tree, beautiful!