• A-01 Round Tip Winter Spruce

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    Comes in 3 sizes/ Pre-lit 

    6ft, 1360 tips, pre-lit with 360 LED lights, bottom width 42’. Full shape.

    7ft, 1660 tips, pre-lit with 500 LED lights, bottom width 48’’. Full Shape.

    8ft, 2179 tip, pre-lit with 600 LED lights, bottom width 52’’. Full Shape


    ² The most realism color and the Real-feel thick and round tip set this winter spruce Christmas tree apart.  

    ² Hinged Construction for easy set up. Metal hinges, sturdy metal stand, strong construction and good material gives this tree at lest 20-30 years of use.

    ² Energy-efficient, low Watt Worry-Free™ LED light, bright & clear. The life time of LED is at least 3 times longer than normal lights. Includes ON/OFF foot pedal for convenience of not having to unplug the tree.

    ² 8 setting/patterns of the light switch with one button: 1.Combination 2.In wave 3.Sequential 4.SLO-GLO 5.Sparkling/Chasing 6.Fade in/out 7.twinkling 8.Steady Burn (We are the first)


    With its thick round Real-feel tips, the realistic frost color of winter spruces, full profile, lush foliage, and modern innovations... this artificial spruce is a contemporary piece with a remarkably classic appeal. Upgraded new model Round Tip Realistic Winter Spruce Christmas tree, made of Eco-friendly material, Real-feel PE round tips towards outside and classic PVC tip towards the inside, full and flush.  8-setting Energy-efficient LED clear lights, warm and inviting. Twinkling, Waves, Fads in and out... Switch the patents of the light from one to another with one button. Let’s step up to the Realistic Christmas tree, celebrate the most beautiful time of the year with our special Round Tip Realistic Winter Spruce Christmas tree.