• Slim Mountain Fir with Dual Color LED


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Comes in 2 sizes:

    6ft / 180cm, 655 tips, Width 36''. Pre-lite with 150T LED light.

    7ft / 210cm, 878 tips, Width 41''. Pre-lit with 200T LED light.


    ² Energy-efficient, Worry-Free™, CUL® - approved LED lights. The lifetime of LED lights are at least 3 times longer than normal lights.

    ² Latest color changing technology. Multicolor and Warm white, easily change from one to another with one button.

    ² Hinged construction for easy setup, fold-up metal stand for easy storage.  

    ² Attractive slim shape, 2 tons classic PVC foliage blended together, full and flush, very like a real Mountain Fir Christmas tree.

    ² 7 light settings/options: waves/sequential/Slo-Glo/flash/slow fade/ twinkle/steady on. Switching with one button.


    Our Slim Mountain Fir is inspired by a fresh cut Alaska Mountain Fir, combination of cut edge and natural shape leafs, also features dense foliage, with our hand-strung energy-efficient color changing LED with 7 settings. All these combine to provide an elegant yet sturdy setting for your most delicate ornaments. This Slim Mountain Fir has a sleeker shape that takes up less floor area, making it perfect for decorating smaller spaces. keep your place tight and neat for this Christmas season, and it offers plenty of space to display your present. With its realistic and dramatic design, our Slim Mountain Fir tree serves as a magnificent centerpiece for your family's holiday festivities.