• B-01 Multi-Color Globe LED Decorated Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

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    Comes in 5 sizes (measure from the bottom of the stand to the top of the star)

    3ft / 90cm high, bottom width 17.7'' diameter, with durable golden pot base.

    4ft / 120cm high, bottom width: 25.5''. diameter, with easy setup plastic stand.

    5ft / 150cm high, bottom width: 28.5'' diameter, with easy setup plastic stand.

    6ft / 180cm high, bottom width: 31.5'' diameter, with foldable metal stand.

    7ft / 210cm high, bottom width: 35.5'' diameter, with foldable metal stand.

    • Pre-lit Fiber Optic LED tree. The whole tree lights up with Multi-color LED light. At the end of each branch tip there is an individual LED bulb, the frosted LED globe bulb creating a soft and colorful glow, very beautiful.
    • The multi-color fiber optic lights are fitted around the LED bulb on each branch, twinkling and sparkly. LED lights remains cool to touch, safe for little children and pets.
    • Our Energy-efficient, Worry-Free LED lights allows you to enjoy the Christmas without worrying your hydro bills :)
    • Latest colour changing technology, high quality central lighting system, this beauty is designed for last.
    • Lighted Star Tree Topper and the tree base (Stand or Pot) are included. 3-5ft tree, come in one piece, 6 ft and 7 ft tree come in 2 sections, very easy to setup.


    Thanks to the Latest colour changing technology, the LED lights are fating in and out different colors very gently, so smooth and comfortable to look at. Lighted Star Tree Topper and Sturdy Metal Stand are included. It's a real eye-catcher that require minimum of work to set up. Being already decorated, this tree is super easy to assemble, and the only thing left will be to add a few presents underneath it. Strong structure and high-quality lighting give this gorgeous tree at least 10-20 years of use. As a new store, in order to attract more traffic and to build our reputation, all of our high-quality trees are selling at factory price, don't miss this one-time promotion! It's worth it to own one.