• C-03 Lifelike Northern White Spruce


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    ² 6ft / 183cm, 1196 tips, Bottom Width 41''.  

    ² 7ft / 213cm, 1709 tips, Bottom Width 47.5''. 


    ² Realistic PE tip towards outside for realism, classic PVC tips fitted underneath for fullness, its a beautiful lush shape artificial Christmas tree.

    ² It’s natural White Spruce green is what makes this tree stands out from others. If you are looking for a Christmas tree with a touch of nature charms, look no further.  

    ² Attached, hinge branches structure, the whole tree comes in 3 sections, very easy to set up. Folded metal stand is included, for easy storage.

    ² Unlit, add your own favorite Christmas lights to this beautiful tree and it will become the focal point of your home this holiday season.

    Radiating elegance and beauty, This Northern White Spruce will add a sophisticated look to your home. Gorgeous and lifelike, thanks to the ultra-realistic PE foliage and the natural Northern White Spruce green. With the classic fine shape PVC tips fitted underneath for fullness, this is a beautiful lush shape artificial Christmas tree. It is perfect for showcasing your favorite Christmas ornaments. For another touch of personal charm, you can adorn this Northern White Spruce with your own favorite Christmas lights.