• Frosted Colorado ICY-Blue Pine Christmas Tree Pre-lit with LED Lights


    About this item:

    Ø  4ft / 120cm, 400 tips, Width 22''. Pre-lit with 150 warm white LED light

    Ø  5ft / 150cm, 926 tips, Width 35''. Pre-lit with 300 warm white LED light.

    Ø  6ft / 180cm, 1298 tips, Width 42.6''. Pre-lit with 400 warm white LED light.

    Ø  7ft / 210cm, 1981 tips, Width 49''. Pre-lit with 600 warm white LED lights.

    Ø  8ft / 240cm, 2430 tips, Width 56''. Pre-lit with 800 warm white LED lights.


    ·       Nature forest blue tone foliage coated with white frosting, fulfill your home with winter charm.

    ·       Highly realistic Real-Feel PE pine needle towards outside for realism, classic PVC towards inside for the thickness. A supper full shape Christmas tree.

    ·       Hinged construction for easy set up, structured with strong metal hinges, this tree is designed to last.

    ·       Comes with a sturdy metal stand that can easily fold up for easy storage.

    ·       8 twinkling modes and steady lit lighting options. Includes ON/OFF foot pedal for the convenience of not having to unplug the tree every day.