• B-02 Firework Multi Colour Fiber Optic Christmas Tree


    Comes in 5 sizes:

    3ft / 90cm, bottom width 17.7'', with golden pot base.

    4ft/120cm, bottom width  25.6'', with durable plastic stand.

    5ft/150cm, bottom width 27.6'', with durable plastic stand.

    6ft/180cm, bottom width 31.5'', with sturdy Metal Stan.

    7ft/210cm, bottom width 35.5'', with sturdy Metal Stan.


    ² Energy-efficient, Worry-Free™, CUL® - approved LED lights. Upgraded central source lighting system. 

    ² Every branch tip is an individual LED light with a Fiber Optic ornaments.

    ² Hinged construction, all branches are attached to the trunk, complete setup in a minute. 

    ² Latest color changing technology, 7 colors changing automatically.

    ² LED star topper is included/attached.

    Our most popular Christmas tree. This Firework Fiber Optic Christmas tree is different from traditional artificial Christmas trees. Each branch wound with Eco-friendly PVC leaves, individual LED lights fitted with fiber optic ornaments, powered by the central lighting system. The light comes through the fiber optic, exploded on every branch tip, While the white light stays on, the other colors change from one to another slowly, 7 colors, one after one, capturing the firework explode all over the tree, very beautiful, It’s a real eye-catcher that required minimum of work. Add a few presents underneath and enjoy the best Christmas season with your family.  

    *Designed and produced by Holiday Stuff Company* 


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