• Fine Shape Hinge Classic Evergreen Christmas tree


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    5ft / 150cm, 600 tips, width 34''

    6ft / 180cm, 946 tips, width 40''

    7ft / 210cm, 1379 tips, width 46''

    8ft / 240cm, 1993 tips width 53''


    ² Classic dark green PVC needle, a perfect color for all kind of ornaments.

    ² Hinge construction for easy to set up, no more A-Z puzzle branches. metal stand is included.

    ² Updated cut edge leaves, it's full profile is complemented by dense outer tips, easy to shape.

    ² Eco-friendly material, good quality metal hinges, sturdy metal stand that can easily fold up for storage.

    ² Strong structure and good quality finishing, this gorgeous tree is designed for at least 20-30 years of use.

          One of our signature collection. Great Value, it's our "Brand Promotion" item, it won't go wrong. Simply charm, very full profile, classic PVC needle tips, dark green color perfect for your favorite ornaments. It's traditional and inviting, this is the Christmas tree that every family must own one and it makes the perfect focal point year after year. Hinge branches for easy to set up and storage after the holiday, all metal hinge, good material and strong construction gives this Classic Evergreen Christmas tree at least 20-30 years of use.  Let get the Christmas decoration started.