• A-17 Dual Color LED Spring Fir Full shape Christmas tree


    Dual Color LED Spring Fir Full shape Christmas tree


    Comes in 2 sizes:

    6ft / 183cm, 1200 tips, Bottom Width 42''. Pre-lite with 330 Dual Color LED lights, clear and multi-color

    7ft / 213cm, 1800 tips, Bottom Width 49''. Pre-lit with 450 Dual color LED lights, clear and multi-color


    ² Attractive super full shape, 2 tone foliage blended together. The real feel emerald green PE tips toward the outside for the realism and the classic PVC tips fitted underneath for the fullness, like a real Spring Fir Christmas tree.

    ² Energy-efficient, Worry-Free™, CUL® - approved, cool touch mini LED lights. The lifetime of LED lights are at least 3 times longer than normal lights. Includes ON/OFF foot pedal for the convenience of not having to unplug the tree.

    ² Latest color changing technology. Multi-color and clear lights, easily change from one to another with one button, The same LED bulbs change from warm white to multi-color and 3 different twinkling options. These lights give your tree a different look with every click of a button.


    ² Attached, hinged branches fold up for fast and easy setup, the whole tree comes in 3 sections, has a fold-up metal stand for easy storage, and the strong structure gives this tree at least 20-30 years of use.


    Our Dual Color LED Spring Fir Full Shape Christmas tree captures the essence of a Spring fir at the best time of the year. Exquisite real feel PE emerald green foliage towards outside and the classic Ever Green PVC branches fitted underneath, super full and lush. One glance at the 2 tone foliage will make you believe our Dual Spring Fir is an authentic tree. Expertly strung with the Latest color changing technology LED lights. Multi-color, clear, alternating from clear to multicolored, twinkling...easily change from one setting to another with the push of a button, creating a different look with every click. Captivate your guests with the beauty and innovation of our Dual Color LED Spring Fir Full Shape Christmas Tree.