• Decorated Holiday Festive Fiber Optic Christmas Tree


    5 Sizes: 

    Ø  3ft, Bottom width 15’’ Golden port base, Pre-lit with 90 LED lights

    Ø  4ft, bottom width 20’’, Sturdy 4 Legs Plastic stand, Pre-lit with 120 LED Lights

    Ø  5ft, bottom width 25’’ Sturdy 4 Legs Plastic stand, Pre-lit with 150 LED lights

    Ø  6ft, bottom width 30’’ Sturdy Metal stand, Pre-lit with 200 LED lights.

    Ø  7ft, bottom width 38’’ Sturdy Metal stand. Pre-lit with 250 LED lights


    ·         All branches are attached, this tree comes in 2 sections, very easy to assemble. Please note shaping is required when setting up the tree.

    ·         Energy-efficient safety low voltage LED lights. Every branch is an individual LED light, the whole tree lights up and it remains cool to touch.

    ·         Pre-decorate with Christmas ornaments, beautiful Christmas red flowers, berries and balls are attached to the tree.

    ·         Build in LED lighting system. Light comes through the fiber optic that fitted in the branches and there are also strawberry shape light bulbs come in bunches, lit up all over the tree.


    Every Branch of this Christmas tree is fitted with warm, white LED lights, sparkling, and inviting. Being already decorated, this tree is super easy to assemble and the only thing left will be to add a few presents underneath it. It's a real eye-catcher and will be the focal point of any room in this holiday season, very beautiful in details, both lights on and off.