• B-05 Blue and White LED Lights Pencil Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Black


    Comes in 3 sizes:

    5ft/150cm High

    6ft/180cm High

    7ft/210cm High


    ² A Pencil shape Fiber optic Christmas tree, easy to fit in any room without moving any of your furniture, with sturdy, fold-able Metal Stand.

    ² Energy-efficient, Worry-Free, CUL - approved LED lights. Upgraded central source lighting system. 

    ² Every branch tip has an individual LED light bulb, flashing  Blue and White color from one to the other slowly, and surrounded with cool white Fiber Optic ornaments. Bright and sparkling.

    ² Attached branches for easy to set up, all branches are attached to the trunk, the 6ft tree comes in 2 sections, complete setup in a minute

    ² This pencil tree comes in Modern charcoal color foliage. The darker the background, the brighter the lights out comes, What a perfect lighted Christmas tree for this joyful Christmas.


    One of the new items for Holiday Stuffs collection, the blue and white light Pencil Fiber Optic Christmas tree. An inspiration of Silver and Blue Christmas decoration theme. Every branches tip has an individual LED light bulb which flashes blue and white color lights, and the bright white lighted fiber optics fitted between the charcoal color PVC branches, the white LED lights have never been so bright, shining like silver dusting all over the tree. Being decorated with so much LED lights, this tree requires minimal ornaments, or even better just plug in and ready to go. Let our Blue and White Light Pencil Fiber Optic Christmas tree shine a light on every smiling face in your home for this Christmas season.