• Slim Black Hills Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree Pre-lit with LED Lights


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    Ø  5ft, 658 tips, bottom width 88cm/34.6’’ diameter. Pre-lit with 300 LED warm white lights.

    Ø  6ft, 857 tips, bottom width 98cm/38.5’’ diameter. Pre-lit with 400 LED warm white lights.

    Ø  7ft, 1356 tips, bottom width 114cm/44.9’’ diameter. Pre-lit with 550 LED warm white lights.


    ·       A mixture of realistic PE white spruce foliage and darker green PVC to create the most realistic contras, it looks real, feels real.

    ·       Slim, slender shape, which focus on the density and realism, it’s not less than a big wide Christmas tree, yet easier to handle and perfect for small place.

    ·       Metal hinged structure, metal stand, strong and sturdy. The tree comes in 2-3 sections(depends on the size of the tree), very easy to setup.

    ·       Pre-lit with energy efficient warm white LED lights, the light bulbs remain cool to touch.

    ·       A foot pedal switch is included for convenience of not having to unplug the tree every time.