• A-15 Frosted Winter Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree


    5ft/153cm (Measures from top to bottom including the stand) 560 tips, Bottom width 33'' diameter.

    6ft/183cm (Measures from top to bottom including the stand), 813 tips, Bottom width 40.5'' diameter.

    7ft/213cm (Measures from top to bottom including the stand), 1002 tips, Bottom width 46.5'' diameter.


    v  Eco-friendly material. Highly realistic Real-Feel PE needle towards outside for the realism, classic PVC towards inside for the thickness. Lightly flocked with non-toxic artificial snow

    v  Hinged construction for easy set up, strong metal hinges structure, this tree is designed to last. Sturdy Metal stand is included.

    v  Regular full shape, sturdy branches and perfect layers give you plenty of room to display your favorite ornaments.

    v  Unlit version allows you to decorate this gorgeous Christmas tree with your own choice string lights. 


    We are often amazed by the beauty of nature, sometimes we can’t help to wonder if God was thinking of Heaven when he created our living world. Looking through the window one early December morning, zillions of snowflakes were dancing in perfect synchronization, landing on the ground and on those spruce trees in your front yard, dazzling. Inspired by the beauty of nature, our Frosted Winter Spruce is a made of realistic PE tips, which is carefully molded, looks real, feels real, classic evergreen PVC tips fitted underneath for thickness, creating a perfect green background.  Pure white snow lightly flocked on the outer PE tips. What a perfect creation to fulfill your desire of embracing nature’s beauty in your home during the holiday celebrations.