B-07 80th Century Noble Fir Fiber Optic Christmas Tree


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Comes in 4 sizes:

4ft, bottom width 20’’, Sturdy 4 Legs Plastic stand

5ft, bottom width 25’’ Sturdy 4 Legs Plastic stand

6ft, bottom width 30’’ Sturdy Metal stand

7ft bottom width 38’’ Sturdy Metal stand


² Worry-Free™ UL®-approved LED lights. Upgraded Central source lighting system, the whole tree lights up, it’s super bright as light comes through the fiber optics that are fitted in the foliage. Absolutely no wires can be seen.

² Inspired by a 80th century style fresh cut Noble Fir Christmas tree, with a perfect shape and full profile. Decorated with natural American Pine corns, berries and candle lights, it’s a perfect blend of technology and tradition

² The whole tree comes in one piece, setup the whole tree in a second. All branches are attached to the trunk, comes with all the ornaments attaching to the branches, the LED start topper is included/attached.

² Latest Technology Lighting system, Eco-friendly Material, strong construction, Metal stand. Worry-free LED... Gives this gougers Fiber Optic Christmas tree a lest 10-20 years of use.


80th Century Noble Fir is a real beauty. It features our innovative central light source Fiber optic Christmas Tree™ technology. The beautiful foliage and the traditional candle light ornaments, are the elegant rendition of this classic Christmas tree. The tree comes in one pieces, every branch fitted with good amount of fiber optics that brightly lit up, all the decorations are attached to the branches. LED star tree topper is included. Simply put the body into the stand, lit it up, the setup is complete. Open the branches from bottom to top, adjust every branches evenly close to each other(shaping start from top to bottom). Being decorated, the only thing left is to add a few presents underneath and enjoy the best Christmas season with your family.