• ZW-03 3 color Fiber Optic Christmas garland 9ft


    6.5ft /200cm Long, 3 colors, red, blue and green.

    • Classic PVC tips fitted with Fiber Optic, every tip is a individual LED light.
    • Energy-efficient, Upgraded Worry-Free™ light Bulbs, CUL® - approved  No more burn out bulbs!!
    • 3 different settings, switch with a control button.
    • High quality fiber optic and good quality finishing this garland is design for at least 10-20 years of use.
    • Indoor outdoor use. The first time assembling may require the most shaping, in the future seasons, the garland will retain much of the shape from the previous season.
    • Designed and produced by Holiday Stuff Company, very beautiful both lights are on and off.