• The Raising Star Canaan Fir Artificial Christmas Tree Pre-lit

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    This tree comes in 3 sizes:

    Ø  5ft/150cm height, 635 tips, bottom width 34.6''; Pre-lit with 280 warm white LED lights.  

    Ø  6ft/180cm height, 891 tips, bottom width 41.5''; Pre-lit with 400 warm white LED lights.  

    Ø  7ft/210cm height, 1223 tips, bottom width 47.2''; Pre- lit with 550 warm white LED lights.


    ·         Energy efficient UL & CUL certified LED lights. Safe low voltage and they remain cool to the touch, preventing the tree from overheating or catching fire.

    ·         Hinged branches for easy setup, the tree comes in sections, all branches are attached to the middle pole. Set-up the tree in minutes. (Shaping is required the first time setting up the tree)

    ·         Canaan Fir Christmas tree is one of the most popular Christmas trees in recent years, it provides the dens and rich needles tips which is perfect for hanging ornaments. Our Rising Star Canaan Fir artificial Christmas tree is well designed and well represents, it is natural and realistic!

    ·         Eco-friendly material, a combination of 50% PE and 50% PVC tip. Strong metal hinge structure for longevity, a foldable sturdy metal stand is included. Easy to setup and put away year after year.

    ·         8 Mode twinkling function controller attached at the bottom section of the tree, easily switching the lighting motion with one button.

    ·         Includes ON/OFF foot pedal for the convenience of not having to unplug the tree every time.


    Canaan Fir, this handsome conifer is a raising star as Christmas trees in recent years, they are often described as being very similar to Balsam Fir, but with the added needle retention of the Fraser Fir. A win-win! Inspired by the wild Canaan Fir from the Canaan Valley, our “Raising Star Canaan Fir Artificial Christmas Tree” is well designed, to achieve the best texture and most natural look. The outer PE tips are carefully molded, they feel real, looks real. Plenty of classic PVC evergreen tips perfectly layered underneath the PE tips, mix and match, different texture, and different shade of green, creating a super lush appearance, it’s a perfect show case for all your favor Christmas ornaments. As always, the beautiful Christmas tree is a great part of our celebration, then become the beautiful memory amount family and friends…  our “Raising Star Canaan Fir Artificial Christmas Tree” will not disappoint.