• A-11 Classic Evergreen Christmas Tree Pre-lit With Cool White Lights

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    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    6ft (183cm) tall. Bottom Width 41.5'' diameter, 1209 branches tips. Super full and lush.

    7ft (213cm) tall. Bottom Width 48'' diameter, 1800 branches tips. Super full and lush.


    v  Pre-lit with 600 super bright cool white LED lights. Energy-efficient and the safety low watt LED light bulb remains cool to touch

    v  Eco-friendly material, classic winter dark green foliage, elegant and classic.

    v  Energy-efficient, Worry-Free™, UL® - approved LED lights, Safety low voltage and which remains cool to touch.

    v  Metal hinged construction, the whole tree comes in 3 sections, very easy to set up.  Strong structure and good quality finishing, this gorgeous tree is designed for at least 20-30 years of use.

    v  Includes ON/OFF foot pedal for the convenience of not having to unplug the tree.  


    2019 New collection, fine edge foliage Classic Evergreen Christmas Tree. Pre-lit with cool white LED lights, this is one of our signature collections, Great Value, it's our "Brand Promotion" item, it won't go wrong. Super full profile, perfect for your favorite ornaments. It's traditional and long lasting, this is the tree that every family owns one.